Shipping FAQs

What if I have issues checking out?

If you experience any difficulty during the checkout process, be sure to

  1. ensure your shipping address conforms to the alcohol shipping laws with which we must comply
  2. verify your billing address information matches what your credit card has on file
  3. if you have an account, log in using the email you used when you joined our mailing list
  4. review the information in your account profile and check that all your personal details are accurate and complete, including billing and shipping address, telephone number, preferred payment method and your account password
If you still need help, please reach out to our customer service team at (301) 204 0003 or via email at and they will assist.


Why does my receipt list different discounts than what I saw in my shopping cart?

In some rare cases, your order receipt may show different discount rates on products than your website shopping cart did. This can happen when our system is calculating your products discounts, but does not change your total or the amount a credit card is charged. The total amount charged to your credit card reflects the order total displayed in your final shopping cart. If you believe that your receipt reflects an incorrect amount or that you were charged incorrectly, please contact our customer service telephone line and reference the coupon code used while shopping.


Will you ship my order to my work address?

YES, we always recommend shipping to a business address as there is typically someone there to receive packages. In addition, orders to business addresses tend to be delivered earlier in the day.


Will you hold my order until a future date?

Due to limited space, we cannot hold wines nor allow for future ship dates. All orders are shipped within 3 business days of purchase.


I don't want a whole case (12 bottles). May I order 6 or fewer?

Yes, although most of our customers prefer to purchase by the case, you can also make smaller purchases. Please remember that it is usually more cost-effective to purchase in case quantities.


What are the shipping volume limitations for each state?

Volume limitations differ by state, Click here for details.


Will you ship my wine to Alaska or Hawaii?

Yes. We can ship wine to those states, with some limitations. Click here for details.


Will you ship my wine to Canada?

At this time, we ship only to US addresses as we are not permitted to export wines directly to Canada.


When will I be notified if there were any issues with my order?

You will receive an order confirmation email for any completed order and inventory will be reserved immediately. In some cases, your order may be above the quantity limits set by your ship-to state and our Customer Service team will assist you to get as much as legally possible to you. You will only be charged for wines that are shipped.


Am I able to pick up my wine from the winery?

No, at this time we are not able to fulfill online orders at the winery. 


Am I able to pick up from FedEx or UPS locations?

Yes, at checkout you can specify a local FedEx or UPS location near a zip code you specify.


My state won't allow more than x number of cases. How do I order more?

Please send us a message via our contact us page, including a message about ordering wines. If you place an order and there is a compliance issue, our Customer Service team will reach out to you for resolution. 


Am I able to request a specific delivery day of the week, or delivery window (1-4 hours)?

No, we cannot specify delivery times. You will receive a shipment confirmation email when your wines are shipped which will include tracking information.


May I place one order and provide multiple shipping addresses?

No, orders ship only as complete orders (not partial orders). If you would like one order shipped to multiple addresses, the order will need to be broken into multiple orders to satisfy multiple delivery addresses.


How will my wine be shipped? By what carrier?

We offer multiple shipping options. Please refer to the dropdown at checkout for carrier options and pricing information.


Can I ship to a PO Box?

Unfortunately, no. USPS does not allow alcohol to be shipped or received, and will not receive a package from another carrier, like UPS or FedEx, to your P.O. Box. We recommend looking at our Hold at Location options if you cannot receive at home or at an alternative business address.


Do I need to be present to receive my wine?

All wines must be received by an adult who is 21 years of age or older. If no one is available at your home address to receive your shipments, please ship your order to your office or another location where someone will be present. If, after three delivery attempts, your wine is returned to us, you can request that your order be shipped to a different address. Additional shipping fees will be charged to your credit card.